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  • My thoughts

    25 January 2021

    Thinking Take your time life is about choices with he lock down upon us we’ve had to stay In our homes , for some of this was a big change therefore it wasn’t easy ,but we had to stay in our homes to protect ourselves and our loved ones .some of us found...

  • Finding myself

    05 December 2020 ( #Pinterest, #bloger )

    How do I find myself again in a relationship Listen to Your Heart Find yourself and your voice by taking time to be alone, or with friends, and listen to your inner self. Be brave and love yourself. Be brave and speak up. Be brave and do what makes you...

  • Corona virus pandemic

    03 February 2021

    Since March 2020 life as we know it changed for everyone all over the world. After president Mr Ciryl Ramaphosa addressed the nation there was no sound the whole nation was at peace or more like in mourning. I and I think no one will ever forget that...

  • Grown

    11 December 2021

    The journey The Journey The person that I was when I was still a young woman is very different from the person I’ve grown to become. I’ve learned a lot out of my fair share in life I’ve meet up with so much that I never thought possible in ones life...

  • To love

    11 March 2017

    sometimes its a jungle ,they drive me nuts ,but no matter how they behave towards me at times ,i just cant seem to stop loving and carryng for them .sometimes they brake my heart without knowing but find myself understanding why they did what they did...

  • Yolo ...covid19 pandemic times

    11 January 2021

    Take a look at the sight that’s makes me melt (MY HOME) Corona virus cases are much higher here .lets support each other (protect) How to cope with lockdown: Positive News readers share their tips Share: We all need each other at this time of this vicious...

  • Finding yourself

    05 May 2017

    Sometimes you find yourself needing answers about what you feel. At times you carry on doing what you have to do, need to do and you forget what you want, what makes you happy. I've been there myself when I felt like I don't know what I'm feeling. I needed...

  • A me time is what we always look forward to

    08 March 2017 ( #Print rest )

    Let's face it no one can love you better than you

  • yolo

    17 May 2017 ( #bloger )

    Taking care ,we all know that is hard when you are expecting. But with mother nature it's easy and it works. Some OK us go through tough skin related problems during this time. But I'm here to let ...

  • Woman

    22 September 2017 ( #bloger )


  • Published from Overblog

    11 March 2017


    31 May 2017