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Aging with grace

Aging with grace

Age ain’t nothing but a number .while we grow we experience so much and we learn along the way.Joy,Pain is part of the journey.ALWAYS REMEMBER ITS THE JOURNEY THAT COUNTS.


looking back at my life I realize how wonderful life has been, how young I was even though I thought I was grown .my joy, my pain and my mistakes it all brought me here to this time and this moment .do I have regrets hmmmmm no coz it was all a learning journey .throughout my trying times my wrongs and my rights I’ve learned to count my blessings .the world is crazy out there we’re dying diseases cloud our lives with fear especially this pandemic covid 19 it’s given me time to think ...I’m sitting on this couch thinking where would I be e if I didn’t get a divorce .I'm seeing and thinking of things I never thought I’d think about ever and i see my divorce became the best decision I made in 2020 .being without my husband taught me more about myself (1) I’m strong (2) ima hustler. I’ve stood strong no matter the troubles I went through.and I also learned to do things by myself no help .

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